The Project

The Metal Storm technology is an electronically initiated, stacked projectile system that removes the mechanisms required to fire a conventional weapon. Effectively, the only parts that move in Metal Storm’s technology are the projectiles contained within the barrels. Multiple projectiles are stacked in a barrel.

The technology allows each projectile to be fired sequentially from the barrel. MeT developed the Electronic-control Firing system prototype to prove the concept.

Our capabilities on show

PCB design



The Solution

MeT developed different Electronic Firing Controlling Units, including the electronic hardware and control software, for different application for Metal Storm.

The Results

Achievements with Metal Storm:

6-Barrel Stand-alone Controller in 19″ 3U Case, the first Electronic Firing Controller (FCU) prototype.
36-Barrel Firing Controller, capable of firing 1,080,000 rpm
Portable 6-Barrel FCU, capable of firing 360,000 rpm.
Smart Gun Controller, Microcontroller, battery operated handheld firing unit. 2002
Inductive 6-Barrel FCU, 40mm projectile, Computer control.
Inductive 6-Barrel Firing Unit, 40mm projectile, with wireless remote control function for UAV and Talon applications.
Inductive Shoulder FCU, for battery operated handheld firing.

Client Realisation Benefits

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