The Project

Queensland Rail National currently uses an Automatic Train Protection System (ATP). The problem is that 80% of the cards returned to the manufacturer for repair come back “No fault found”.

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The Solution

This solution is based upon a National Instruments 8-slot PXI system including several Analog and Digital IO, counter timers and DAQ modules along with serial communication. Using an innovative LabVIEW program, an input ‘existing journey log file’ is decoded and the inputs to the ATP are simulated to “replay” the journey.

The timing of specific events, such as train speed, control changes, radio messages, transponder data and braking information are fed directly into a working ATP to simulate a real world journey. The output files are then compared with input files for any discrepancies to determine if any of the ATP cards are faulty.

The Results

A computer based simulator that mimics the operation of a Locomotive along with the radio and track transponder signals encountered in a normal train journey. This will enable cards to be soak tested to prove they are faulty before they are sent away for repair.

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