The Project

The Cityrail fleet of locomtives operating in the Brisbane area has a traction control system manufactured by ASEA. This system was manufactured around 1995. Because of the age of the electonics the OEM will no longer repair the cards.

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The Solution

The Test System uses the National Instruments PXI hardware platform equipped with a FPGA card to simulate the microprocessors. Eighteen different test fixtures are being developed to allow each card to be plugged into a fixture. This fixture is connected to the PXI system via standard off-the-shelf cables.

The LabVIEW development environment is used for the test software user interface with test sequencing handled by NI’s Teststand. The test system generates input signals as detailed in the Test Procedures. The expected responses, as detailed in the Test Procedures, are monitored and verified by the LabVIEW software. A pass or fail result is given for each step of the Test Procedures. Where a particular test fails there are individual test tabs in the user interface to enable to rerun and loop this test to identify the faulty component.

The Results

MeT developed a system to test of all of the 26 different cards used in the traction control system to enable fault finding down to component level

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