The Project

To develop an automated test system to test individual F-111 Avionics Computer cards

The customer has an existing test system that can do the testing for the overall system, but this only pinpoints faults to board level. Due to the high workload this system is not available for fault finding at the board level. There are many F-111 Avionics Computer Cards that cannot be functionally verified and therefore cannot be used.

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The Solution

The Test System uses the National Instruments PXI hardware platform. The LabVIEW development environment was used to test individual avionics cards. The test system generates different data words as detailed in the Test Procedures and sends them to the A10 Card under test via the interface box. The expected responses, as detailed in the Test Procedures, are monitored and verified by the LabVIEW software. A pass or fail result is given for each step of the Test Procedures.

A report is generated detailing the serial number of the unit and any failed steps. Any fault finding information found in the Test Procedures relating to failed steps is included in the report to assist in the fault finding exercise. The test software has a fault finding mode that enables the software to go to a specific step in the procedure and hold there to allow fault finding to be undertaken.

The Results

The ability to fully test the F-111 Avionics Computer cards and generates pass/fail report and fault finding results automatically.

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